Global safe food supply chain e-commerce platform

Food safety is chaotic, and consumers’ safety awareness is also increasing. FVTI’s online e-commerce platform " Worries about the world first", through multiple safety inspection methods, such as batch picking and product traceability, etc., to strive to create safety Food online supply chain platform!

FVTI Online has formed an automated online configuration from the supplier to the demander through the information processing of industry enterprises, which greatly saves transaction costs between enterprises and improves transaction efficiency. Through the unified management, unified procurement, unified sales, and unified settlement of online enterprises, the real supply chain management of industry enterprises is realized, the quality of the products provided by the enterprises in the system is guaranteed, and the reputation of the enterprise is improved. In response to the needs of regional development, FVTI Online has created a regional industry platform, which not only retains regional characteristics, but also realizes inter-regional interconnection, realizes the global allocation of resources, and provides a convenient way for the global development of industry enterprises .

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Its basic industries

Valley Holding Group

A high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of food ingredients as its main business, committed to providing safe food materials and technical services for many well-known food companies

Dongguan France Vin Tout Wine Industry

As a winery chain organization dedicated to spreading wine culture, advocating healthy life, and delivering romance, France Vin Tout Wine.

Xixingdao Technology

The distribution of the drinking water industry is the core, and chain stores, franchised stores, and directly operated stores are established through integration and reorganization.

Security Testing Center
Create a food safety supervision system and promote national safe food supply chain services
Food raw
material testing
edible agricultural products safety testing/soil testing
food quality traceability
Raw products and drinking water testing
Food quality testing
Global safe food supply chain platform Food Additives / Food Ingredients Industry Internet Platform
FVTI OnlineGlobal safe food e-commerce platform
Wine GlobalGlobal Wine Integrated Marketing System
Wine Global
Global winery integration
and restructuring
Vertical distribution
system Vs equity
investment Industrial
supply chain system
O2O integrated marketing
China Food Network - Industrial Internet
"China Food Additive Network" is committed to creating an efficient, open and innovative global food additive industry Internet platform. Set supply and demand information release, self-support + matching trading, O2O research and development platform, supply chain finance and other value-added services in one, with self-support area, brand franchise/experience exhibition area, to provide one-stop service for the food additive and food ingredients industry users of the Internet platform.

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